Monday, March 25, 2019

Week of March 25th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Read p. 228-230,242-258,272-273; Questions p. 277 MC#1-3,5,6,8, SA#13,14,20-25, CT#37,39,40 Tues.-Jeopardy/Crossword Puzzle Wed.-CNS TEST Thurs.-Most Intelligent Mammal Lab Fri.-Neuron vs. Neuroglia Notes; String Neuron Activity BIOLOGY-- Mon.-GENETICS TEST Tues.-Intro. to Human Genetics Notes Wed.-Pedigree/Karyotype Activity Thurs.-Twin Notes Fri.-Weirdness Test

Monday, March 18, 2019

Week of March 18th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Library-Research Neurological Disorders-Presentations Friday, March 22 Tues.-Library-Research Neurological Disorders-Presentations Friday, March 22 Wed.-Library-Research Neurological Disorders-Presentations Friday, March 22 Thurs.-CNS Quiz; Slim GoodBody Video Clip Fri.- Neurological Disorders-Presentations BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Incomplete and Co-Dominance Notes & Examples Tues.-Monster Lab Wed.-Dihybrid Examples (Extra Credit) Thurs.-Punnett Square Review Worksheet Fri.-Genetics TEST

Monday, March 11, 2019

Week of March 11th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Brain Diagram Quiz; Protection of CNS and Gray vs. White Matter Notes Tues.-Sheep Brain Dissection Lab Wed.-Intro. to Nervous System Quiz; Left vs. Right Hemisphere Dominance Test; finish lab analysis ?s Thurs.-Brain and Tapeworms Article and ?s Fri.-Nervous System Disorders Notes; Project guidelines & computer lab for research **Project due-March 21st BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Go over Sponge Bob Punnett Square Worksheet; Punnett Square Practice Problems (graded) Tues.-Coin Toss Probability Lab Wed.-continue lab and analysis ?s Thurs.-Monohybrid Punnett Square Worksheet Fri.-Intro. to Genetics Quiz; Incomplete and Co-Dominance Notes

Monday, March 4, 2019

Week of March 4th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Diencephalon, Brain Stem, and Cerebellum Notes & Diagram Tues.-Memory Lab Wed.-Meomory Lab Thurs.-FIELD TRIP! (Hemisphere Dominance Worksheet) Fri.-Brain Diagram Quiz; Protection of the CNS Notes BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Intro. to Genetics Notes Tues.-Punnett Square Notes Wed.-Punnett Square Practice Worksheet Thurs.-Gregor Mendel Article and Questions Fri.-SpongeBob Punnett Square Problems

Monday, February 25, 2019

Week of February 25th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Digestive System Test; p. 514 ?s due Tues.-Antacid Article and Questions Wed.-Nervous System Reaction Time Activity Thurs.-Intro. to Nervous System Notes; Brain Lobes/Areas Diagram Fri.-Brain Notes BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Mutation Notes Tues.-Crossword Puzzle Review (extra credit) Wed.-Jeopardy Review Thurs.-DNA/RNA/Mutation Test Fri.-DNA Video

Friday, February 8, 2019

Week of February 11th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Gastro World Project Tues.-Gastro World Project Wed.-Gastro World Project Presentation; Anatacid Article & Questions Thurs.-Stomach Acid Lab Fri.-Digestive System Quiz; Digestive System Review Worksheet BIOLOGY-- Mon.-RNA and Protein Synthesis Notes Tues.-Transcription/Translation Activity Wed.-Transcription/Translation Worksheet Thurs.-Mutation Notes Fri.-RNA and Protein Synthesis Quiz; DNA/RNA Coloring Worksheet due!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Week of February 4th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Digestive Enzyme Lab Tues.-Digestive System Quiz; More Digestive System Notes Wed.- GASTRO WORLD PROJECT Thurs.-GASTRO WORLD PROJECT Fri.-GASTRO WORLD PROJECT (due: Tues., Feb. 12th?) BIOLOGY-- Mon.-DNA Replication Notes Tues.-Photo 51 Video Wed.-Photo 51 Video (worksheet) Thurs.-DNA and Replication Review Worksheet Fri.-DNA and Replication Quiz