Thursday, December 6, 2018

Week of December 17th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cardiovascular Disease Project Presentations Tues.-Respiratory Physiology Notes; Negative Pressure Rule & Diagram Wed.-Human Respiration Lab Thurs.-Respiratory System Quiz; Build-A-Lung Activity Fri.-finish analysis questions BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cell Cycle Stages of Mitosis Lab Tues.-finish Lab Wed.-Meiosis Notes Thurs.-Mitosis vs. Meiosis Test Fri.-Mitosis practice slides

Week of December 10th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Research Cardiovascular Disease--project due Monday Dec. 17th Respiratory System Research Questions--due Monday Dec. 17th BIOLOGY-- Mitosis Worksheet Packet--due Monday Dec. 17th

Monday, December 3, 2018

Week of December 3rd

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Lung Capacity Lab Tues.-finish Lab; analysis ?s and graph Wed.-Intro. to Respiratory System Notes Thurs.-Effects of Exercise on Respiration Lab Fri.-finish Notes; assignments for next week! BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Tues.-finish Lab Wed.-go over Cell Membrane and Transport Study Guide Thurs.-Cell Membrane and Transport TEST Fri.-Cell Cycle and Mitosis Notes; assignments for next week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Week of November 27th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Tues.-Special Circuits and Cardiovascular Disease Notes Wed.-Slim Goodbody Video Clip; How the Heart Works Video Thurs.-Jeopardy/Crossword Puzzle Review Fri.-Cardiovascular System TEST BIOLOGY-- Tues.-Cell Membrane and Drawing Notes Wed.-Transport Notes Thurs.-Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Fri.-finish Lab; finish Notes

Monday, November 19, 2018

Week of November 19th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cardio #2 Quiz; SIM Post-Lab ?s; Blood Pressure and Pulse Activity Tues.-Textbook ?s Wed.-Special Circuit Notes BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cell Portfolio Due! "My Cell Now"; Organelle Quiz Tues.-Cell Review Worksheet Wed.-Cell Membrane Notes

Friday, November 9, 2018

Week of November 12th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Tues.-Physiology of the Heart Notes; Blood Pressure and Pulse Notes; Blood Pressure Activity Wed.-Science In Motion--EKG and Heart Rate Lab Thurs.-Special Circuits Notes; Post Lab Questions Fri.-Cardiovascular System #2 Quiz; Cardiovascular Disease Notes BIOLOGY-- Tues.-Cell Advertisement Handout and Rubric; Work on Cell Portfolios/finish Cell Lab Wed.-Cell Organelle Worksheet Thurs.-Cell Membrane Notes Fri.-Organelle Quiz; Cell Portfolios DUE!!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Week of November 5th

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cholesterol Lab Tues.-Cardiovascular Quiz (including Blood) Wed.-Vessel Notes; Pig Heart Dissection Thurs.Physiology of the Heart Notes; finish analysis ?s Fri.-Blood Pressure/Pulse Notes; Blood Pressure Activity BIOLOGY-- Mon.-Cell Theory Quiz; Cell Analogy Worksheet Tues.-Cell Lab Wed.-Cell Video Thurs.-Cell Lab Fri.-Cell Lab