Monday, May 15, 2017

Week of May 15th

Human Physiology-- Mon.-finish Muscle Notes; finish Muscle Fatigue Lab Tues.-Review for Final Wed.-Muscle Quiz; Review for Final Thurs.-FINAL EXAM Fri.-Fetal Pig Dissection Biology-- Lynx vs. Hare (Predator/Prey) Lab Activity Review for FINAL EXAM

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week of May 8th

Human Physiology-- Mon.-Endocrine System Review--Jeopardy & Crossword Puzzle Tues.-Endocrine System TEST Wed.-Intro. to Muscles Notes Thurs.-Muscle Notes; Build-A-Muscle Model Fri.-Muscle Fatigue Lab Biology-- Mon.-Ecology Notes Tues.-finish Ecology Notes Wed.-Random Sampling Activity Thurs.-Keystone Review Fri.-Keystone Review

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week of May 1st

Human Physiology-- Mon. & Tues.--work on Endocrine Board Game Project--due Thurs., May 4th! Wed.-Slim Good Body Video Thurs.-play Endocrine Games (feedback to other groups) Fri.-Read p. 310-332; Textbook ?s p. 337 MC#1,2,5,6,8,9 SA#10-15,18,19,21-23 CT#25-27 ***Endocrine TEST Tues., May 9th Biology-- Mon.-finish Evolution Notes Tues.-Evolution TEST (open-notes) Wed.-Intro. to Ecology Notes Thurs.-Biome Activity Fri.-Food Web Worksheet

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week of April 24th

Human Physiology-- Mon.-Gland Rhymes Tues.-Endocrine Quiz; Pancreas Notes Wed.-Diagnosing Diabetes Lab Thurs.-finish Endocrine System Notes; Endocrine Review Worksheet Fri.-Start Endocrine System Game Project--due Thurs., May 4th! Biology-- Mon.-Intro. to Evolution Notes Tues.-Theories of Evolution Notes Wed.-Natural Selection Lab Activity Thurs.-Opposable Thumb Adaptation Lab Activity Fri.-Evolution Quiz

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of April 17th

Human Physiology-- Mon.-Special Senses Review-Jeopardy; Special Senses Extra Credit--due Wed. Tues.-Special Senses Review-Crossword Puzzle; Special Senses TEST Wed.-Steroid Article & Questions; Intro. to Endocrine System Notes Thurs.-Hormone Flash Cards Fri.-Endocrine Organ Notes Biology-- Mon.-Salamander & Flower Dichotomous Key Worksheet--due Wed. Tues.-Classification Quiz Wed.-Cladogram Notes; Cladogram Example Thurs.-Cladogram Activity Fri.-Classification TEST

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week of April 10th

Human Physiology-- Mon.-Read p. 280-305; Textbook ?s p. 307 MC #2-6,8 SA #11-12,15-19,26,30-32 CT #35-37 Tues.-Taste/Vision Lab; Smell Notes Wed.-finish Taste Lab Thurs.-Special Senses Web Quest (library) ***Special Senses TEST--> Tues., April 18th Biology-- Mon.-Intro. to Classification Notes Tues.-Dichotomous Key Notes; Alien Worksheet Wed.-Shoe Dichotomous Key Example; Salamander Worksheet Thurs.-Button Activity

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week of April 3rd

Human Physiology-- Mon.-Eyeball Anatomy Notes; finish Vision Lab Activity Tues.-Vision Notes; Eye Diagram Wed.-Cow Eye Dissection Thurs.-Eye & Vision Quiz; Hearing Notes Fri.-Taste Bud Lab; Taste Notes Biology-- Mon.-Library--Research for Genetic Disorder Projects (due: Tues., April 4th) Tues.-Blood Type Notes Wed.-Blood Type Punnett Square Problems Thurs.-Blood Typing Lab Fri.-Blood Quiz