Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week of February 12th

Biology-- Mon.-Photo 51 Video Tues.-DNA Extraction Lab Wed.-RNA Notes Thurs.-Transcription/Translation Example Fri.-Transcription/Translation Worksheet Human Physiology II-- Mon.& Tues.-Gastro World Project Wed.-present Projects; Slim Good Body Video Thurs.-textbook ?s Fri.-Jeopardy/Crossword Review ***Digestive System TEST--Monday, Feb. 19th!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Week of February 5th

Biology-- Tues.-Replication Simulations; DNA Quiz Wed.-Photo 51 Video & Worksheet Thurs.-Photo 51 Video & Worksheet Fri.-DNA Extraction Lab Human Physiology II-- Tues.-finish Digestive Enzymes Lab; Start GastroWorld Project Wed., Thurs., Fri.-GastroWorld Project

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week of January 29th

Biology-- Mon.-Nucleotide Activity Tues.-DNA Replication Notes; Complementary Base Pairing Worksheet Wed.-DNA Replication Coloring Worksheet Activity Thurs.-finish Worksheet; DNA Quiz Fri.-DNA Extraction Lab Human Physiology-- Mon.-finish Antacid Lab; Teeth Notes & Diagram Tues.-finish Digestion Notes; Digestion Worksheet Wed.-Digestive Enzyme Lab Thurs.-finish Lab; start Gastro World Poster Project Fri.-Gastro World Poster Project--due Wed., Feb. 7th

Monday, January 22, 2018

Week of January 22nd

Biology-- Mon.-Puzzle Review Tues.-Game Review Wed.-Semester Review Test Thurs.-Intro. to DNA Article and questions Fri.-Intro. to DNA Notes Human Physiology-- Mon.-Digestive Organ Notes; How Long is your digestive system? Activity Tues.-Digestion Activity; Digestion Worksheet; "Why Do We...?" Wed.-Stomach Acid Article and questions Thurs.-Stomach Acid LAB Fri.-Digestive System Quiz; More Digestive System Notes

Monday, January 15, 2018

Week of January 15th

Biology-- Mon.-Review Tues.-Cell Cycle Test Wed.-Crossword Puzzle Review from 1st 1/2 of year Thurs.-Crossword Puzzle Review from 1st 1/2 of year Fri.-1st 1/2 of year Review Test Human Physiology-- Mon.-Review for Final Tues.-FINAL EXAM Wed.-Intro. to Digestive System Notes Thurs.-fill in Digestive Organs/Functions Table Fri.-Start Gastro World Project

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week of January 8th

Biology-- Tues.-finish Cell Cycle Lab Wed.-Cell Cycle Quiz; Mitosis Worksheet Thurs.-Meiosis Notes Fri.-Jeopardy Review Mitosis/Meiosis Human Physiology-- Tues.-Textbook ?s Wed.-Jeopardy and Crossword Puzzle Review Thurs.-Respiratory System TEST Fri.-Review for Final Exam

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week of January 2nd

Biology-- Tues.-Cell Cycle Notes Wed.-Mitosis Notes; Practice Slides Thurs.-Cell Cycle Lab Fri.-Cell Cycle Quiz; finish Lab Human Physiology-- Tues.-Events of Respiration Notes Wed.-Effects of Exercise on Respiration Lab Thurs.-Respiratory Disorder Notes; Slim Good Body Video Clip Fri.-Textbook Questions