Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of September 18th

Biology-- Mon.-Microscope Notes; Label Parts of Microscope on Diagram Tues.-Microscope Lab Wed.-Microscope Lab Thurs.-Biology/Microscope Quiz; finish Microscope Lab Fri.-Ch. 1 Jeopardy Review ***Ch. 1 Biology Test--> Monday, Sept. 25th! Human Physiology-- Mon.-Intro. to Skeletal System Notes; Bone Classification Worksheet Tues.-Bone Growth & Fracture/Repair Notes; Broken Bones Video Wed.-Foam Bone Lab Thurs.-Bone Quiz; finish Lab Fri.-Cranium Bones Notes; Cranium Bones Chart

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week of September 11th

Biology-- Mon.-Scientific Method Lab--data collection Tues.-Scientific Method Lab--graph and analysis questions (due Wed.) Wed.-What is Biology? Notes; Characteristics of Life chart Thurs.-Living vs. Nonliving Alien Debate Fri.-Intro. to Microscopes Notes; Label Parts of Microscope Diagram Human Physiology-- Mon.-Go over Homeostasis Worksheet; History of A & P Notes; Scientists of A & P Project (computer lab) Tues.-Scientists of A & P Project (computer lab)--due Friday! Wed.-Work on Project/textbook ?s--due Friday! Thurs.-Review for Chapter 1 TEST--Jeopardy & Crossword Puzzle Fri.-Chapter 1 TEST

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week of September 5th

Biology-- Tues.-Experimental Design Notes; Simpson Worksheet Wed.-Experimental Variables Graphing Worksheet Thurs.-Experimental Design Posters Fri.-Scientific Method Quiz; gallery walk of Posters Human Physiology-- Tues.-Work on Paper Doll Project--due Wed.! Wed.-Review A & P Terms; Anatomical Position Notes; Trace-A-Partner Posters Thurs.-Review A & P Terms; Map Activity Fri.-A & P Terms Quiz; Homeostasis Notes

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week of August 28th

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!! BIOLOGY- Mon.-Rules/Grading Procedures/Info. Cards Tues.-What is Science? Notes; Nature of Science Worksheet Wed.-Intro. to Scientific Method Notes; Observation vs. Inference; Puzzle Poem Thurs.-continue Wed. lesson Fri.-Experimental Design Notes; Simpson Worksheet HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY- Mon.-Rules/Grading Procedures/Info. Cards; Books; BINGO; Intro. to A & P Notes Tues.-Organ System Notes; A & P Terms Notecards Wed.-Interrelationships between Organ Systems Lab Activity Thurs.- Paper Doll Project Fri.-Paper Doll Project